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A little bit of history

The origins of the name 'Livigno'

The origins of the name 'Livigno' are unclear
According to the history student Sertoli Salis, Livigno was called in the past 'Vinea et Vineola' (in Latin: Vineyard). This name, without the prefix 'Li', was kept until 1399. It had nothing to do with the wines: the presence of grapes in Livigno has been completely excluded.

This name is probably derived from the term 'lavina' (in Ladin:'lavina'; Bormio dialect: 'leina'; old German: 'Lobine') which means 'snow avalanche'.

The fact that Livigno was, and still is, completely covered by a thick layer of snow for several months clearly proves that the name of Livigno originates from 'lavina'.

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The first human settlement

History students still discuss on when and how did the first human beings settle in Livigno. Most of them argue that they were Ligurians or Rhethians. Other people assert they were of Etruscan origins.

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Livigno's vally yesterday and today

Map of the Spöl valley at its origins. The river Spöl, which is called 'Akua Granda' by the locals, has shaped the valley during the centuries.

Livigno today: the woods being cut down, the building of small dams on the river Spöl and the large dam have completely changed the aspect of the whole valley.

Some go as far as saying that the first settlers in Livigno were slavic who migrated following the Danube river, then its tributary Inn and finally the Spöl. The presence, even today, of some typical Asian physical traits would prove this hypothesis, say its followers

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