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Livigno in winter

Winter climate

The winters in Livingo are intense cold and dry, still easy to stand because of the low humidity rate. During the sunny day, one can be surprised when the temperature goes down below zero. During the evening and the night, it is cold: sometimes the temperature goes 20 degrees under zero. But in spring the climate is mild, the days lengthens, the snow begins to melt. This is the right period for skiing on the snow "semeda": you can ski off the slopes in the morning without going down into the snow, as the daily range of temperature creates a scab on the hard snow to support the skier's weight.

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Ski lifts and slopes

On the foot of the mountains, in the vicinity of the houses, there are ski lifts(east and west), which are of the different type and size: starting from the simple ski lifts ( the ski lifts which creates so many problems to the beginners) and finishing with the modern cabin lifts and attachable chairlifts.

The difficulties of the ski slopes are middle low and they are suitable for beginners and ski professionals, too. There are no slopes with higher difficulties to satisfy the professionals.

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Queues on the ski lifts ?

The most of the ski lifts are modernized recently, so the problems of queuing for the most ski lifts was put to the end. This problem existed in the past (the regular tourist remembers when the Mottolino was just kilometers long ski lift and 3000 was small cable car). I have heard some tourists who complain about it during the peak time, but in any case one has to wait only few minutes, while in the past it was about ten minutes. The slopes are accessibile for either skiers or snowboard lovers ( there is a artificial half pipe) and nostalgic telemark old style skiers, too. The particular ski lifts' position and the lay out of the valley gives the possibility to the skiers to ski in the sunshine all day long ( if the weather conditions are favorable...) In the major cases it is possible to start and finish skiing without taking off your skies.

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Cross Country tracks

During the winter the Livigno's plain is used by cross country. The trail starts from one to the another extreme part of the village for total 50 km. It has ring struture, which permits everyone to excercise the wanted levels of difficulties. The entrance is free.

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Other activities

When skiing is not enough for you?
Then you can ice skate or try the ski doos (in fact not difficult or dangerous) or paraglading.
Maybe you are a quiet person and you prefer riding a horse or horse caridge or to go on foot in the main central road to do shopping in the tax free shops or to walk calmly by the river, taking one's time.

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