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Livigno is a small mountain village, situated in the Alps in northern Italy. The settlement consists of the long rage of the houses, small and characteristic. You can find the shops everywhere especially in the centre of the village: Livigno is not only touristy resort for skiers and mountain lovers, but duty free area. There are a lot of accomodation like hotels (most of them are small, family hotels), meuble (B&B) and apartments.

Livigno's Areas

Thank to its particular configuration Livigno is divided in more areas: S. Rocco, the centre, S. Maria, Florin, la Forcola, Pemont, Rin da rin, Molin, Teola... The principal areas are S. Rocco, the centre (S. Antonio) and the area of the saint parish church of st. Maria and Teola.

The centre (S. Antonio) consists of the part of inside road of the village, which is pedestrian area now (the tourists can enter the area thanks to the special permits given by hotel owners). Here there are the most of the shops and it is, of course, the busiest area. In this area there is the city hall, the post office, the most important banks and the oldest hotel in Livigno.

S. Maria is situated in the northern part of the centre, where there is the parish church, the sporting field, the cinema, the schools, the ice ring for car racing on the ice. If we continue in a northerly direction we will reach the Swiss boarder, pass of Gallo, which is open all year long.

S. Rocco is situated in the southern part of the centre and it is higher than the rest of the village. Here there is the ice ring, which during the summer time becomes tennis court, the disco, Kokodi, the ski lifts and slopes of Carosello 3000 and local Health Service (First Aid).

Proceeding direction of south, one can reach Forcola pass, the other extreme of Livigno and reach the Swiss border (Forcola pass), which is open only in summer.

The last Livigno's area is Teola, which is relatively new area. It consists of residential part and hotels (some of them have the biggest capacity). It is situated in the eastern part in respect of the centre area, on the slope of the mountain. It is situated on the same side and in the vicinity of the ski lifts and slopes of Mottolino.

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Another area exists or to be precise it is a suburb of Livigno. It is Trepale area, which is situated on east of Livigno, in another valley, before the pass of Foscagno.

In this suburb there is the highest parish of Europe. In Trepalle there are some hotels, restaurants and pizzerias, the last duty free shops before reaching tha pass of Foscagno, a gasoline station and two ski lifts (one is precisely in Eira pass), which are connected with the ski lifts of Mottolino.

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